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 The following is a basic listing of services offered to you by Private Investigator Romania LTD. However, this should not be considered a complete detail of our capabilities as we can accomplish an extremely wide variety of investigative efforts.

We can accomplish a complete "profile" through all available resources within the budget established by our clients. Even modest funding can usually allow us to develop current and past residential histories, criminal/civil litigation cases, marriages or divorces, etc. The extent of a background effort is usually only limited to the amount of time and money we have been authorized to utilize.  If you have doubts about a potential business partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife, it usually means there is "something" there which should be explored in greater detail.  We have found that a high percentage of our checks reveal useful data.
After accomplishing a complete work up of electronic data base resources and "hand searching" of various local court records systems, we can often confirm the present location in person if needed. Remember, database information is only useful as a guide and if the subject has current factors listed on those systems. The level of our success can be affected with the person's desire "not to be found" and confirmation of details is very important.
The evaluation of arrest/Police procedure.  Examination of crime scenes & evidence.  Interviews of witnesses and police officials.  Background checks and locates.  Subpoena Services.  Coordination with necessary experts.
There are two primary ways to serve in this industry, Worker's Compensation and Life/Health programs. We accomplish interviews, accident scene evaluations, surveillance, and background checks.
Many businesses routinely have concerns regarding employee theft, drug abuse at work, and other issues that may require an undercover effort. We can place a qualified and trained person in the business to better evaluate those suspicions.
We accomplish an activity check to verify the best course for a longer effort and then do our best to maximize the chances to record important activity. If funding does not allow for us to accomplish it, we easily coordinate them around the world! Also, we prefer to "break up" the surveillance into smaller sessions to provide you with maximum coverage. FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS
This is accomplished through a combination of specialized database resources and the overall evaluation of developed information.  We can even discover "hidden" assets and International accounts or holdings.
Well most people know what Private Investigators do in these cases! We can accomplish surveillance efforts to verify the subject's activities and then confirm details on the other "involved" person(s) using a combination of background checks, financial efforts, and surveillance.
One of the most important aspects of this issue is the correct "documentation" of the stalker's efforts. They have substantial legal rights and "hearsay" evidence may not be good enough to convince a court of their actions.
The development of information on the financial stability of a company or prospective business partner and more often, a complete background check on those individuals.
As stated before, we are very capable of accomplishing most every investigative effort world-wide. This is possible through a vast networking of many other highly qualified professionals and our ability to monitor and direct their efforts.  The world is truly small.